My photography gear

My current gear

1. Nikon D5100 DSLR

The images from this camera, just like with any other DSLR, are stunning in their detail and quality. i love this one in particular for its usability and value for money – a great example for what a prosumer lens can be.

My accessories include an 18-55mm Nikkor kit lens, a 55-200mm Nikkor kit lens, an old manual-focus 50mm Nikon pancake lens, a Tamron 70-300mm telephoto lens, a lens hood, a flash diffuser, a Manfrotto tripod, and a wireless remote. I carry my camera in a Lowepro case.

2. GoPro Hero 4 Silver

My GoPro is my latest purchase. I bought it thinking I would use it all the time, thinking that I would be doing all sorts of extreme sports and awesome things to use it for… This isn’t the case, so I’ve been finding other interesting ways to use its features, for example its fish-eye lens helps with photographing large objects or inside small spaces or from a close proximity. I do use it a bit for time lapse photography.

The list of accessories for the GoPro is endless, whether from the retailer itself or from somewhere else. I use the SP Gadgets monopod selfie stick, the handlebar mount, the tripod mount, a GorillaPod flexible tripod, and I carry it all in a hard shell LowePro case.

3. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge +

I do love Android, and something would really have to change if I were ever to go with Apple. I would highly recommend this phone to any traveller – my favourite features are its fast charging capacity, large screen and high RAM. It makes for some gorgeous photos, and the settings are about as versatile as your average digital point-and-shoot camera.

Cameras I’ve used previously

1. Canon IXUS 80 IS

This was my first ever digital camera that I could call my own, it is a little pink metallic digital camera. It doesn’t do anything special, it’s just a very basic 12MP point-and-shoot camera. It’s stored away in a soft neoprene case.

2. Olympus C7070 Wide Zoom

When I was younger, when I didn’t have the budget to own my own camera, I would borrow my mum’s camera, an Olympus, which I believe was one of the top digital cameras of its day, before the DSLRs became popular.